ISO 9712 Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Level 2


This is a preparatory program for candidates aspiring to appear for Level 2 as per ISO 9712 (previously, EN 473). The Program is designed to assist the candidate in preparing for the Method Examination. The program is aligned as per syllabus from (ISO 25107). All applicable standards will be covered. Hands on practicals and mock up examination will be included.

Who should Attend

Candidates aspiring for Level 2 Certification as per European Norms, ISO 9712 (previously EN 473).

Pre requisites

SNT-TC-1A Level II Training & Certification in the concerned NDE Method is helpful, though not mandatory, before attending these programs. Examination requirements may differ based on candidates previous education and experience. Please contact us for further details.

4 days
ISO 9712 Preparatory
01-06-2022 to 04-06-2022

​​​​Insight Quality Services, Office No. 507/508, 5th Floor, Office No. 414, 4th floor, Building No.1, Siddharth Tow
Pune 411029

The current course is Outdated.