Refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants and such industries require regular maintenance to run efficiently. The pressure vessel, storage tanks, piping which is put into service needs regular quality and performance verification checks. In-service inspection plays a vital role in effective maintenance of such assets.

Being equipped with experienced engineers, IQS has now entered into the area of In-service Inspection. We have a team of API certified engineers who can undertake the critical tasks of In-service Inspection. Our engineers have the necessary expertise in the inspection and NDT requirements in in-service inspection. Their on-site experience in handling many types of job, meeting the deadlines, putting those long hours of hardwork in completing the schedule and working in a team helps them in accomplishing the job successfully. Again, the experience of conducting training programs in the same field gives them an added advantage of not missing the finer points in the actual work conditions. Execution of all work is carried out considering safety and environment issues.