The expertise that your staff gained over the years through learning and experience formed the core of our consultancy business. Caring for the deadlines, and viewing the significance and the overall picture of the job/project from the customer's point of view helped us grow in this field, along with the customer. Quality, System and Care are the keywords when we execute a Consultancy order.

Consultancy Services are given in the areas mentioned here:

  • Preparatory work for ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 17020, ISO 17025 Certification preparatory work. 
  • Preparatory work for ASME Certification (U, R, U2, S, N, PP Stamps etc.)
  • Developing ISO 9000 – Quality Manuals,
  • Developing procedures and work instructions as per ASME / ISO 9712
  • Setting up NDT labs.
  • Quality systems for NDT labs for NABL
  • Review and approval of welding procedures and welders
  • Vendor assessment and development
  • Developing QA/QC system
  • Setting up Internal Quality Services
  • Quality System Audit Of Vendor
  • Liaison with third party/statutory inspection agency
  • Quality audits
  • Health, safety and environment audits
  • Consultancy in PED / CE marking
  • Consultancy in ISO 3834, ISO 15085