CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding Inspector Preparatory Training Program


The training will help the students to get fruitful results, and also help the students to clear there examination smoothly. Our preparatory Training course will be 9 days which will be training (Theory + Practical) and the last day for mockup examination only. After our complete training program TWI conducting 5 days out of 4 days will be the training (Theory + Practical) and the last day final examination only. The Training & Examination will be conducted by TWI, India.

The course will provide an overall perspective on the following: 

Function and responsibilities of a senior welding inspector, defects in welds, weld symbol interpretation, interpretation of NDT reports, documentation of welding, approval and certification procedures, general principles of supervision, case studies, planning, organization, interpretation of fractured surfaces, auditing, practice in typical examination questions, course assessments.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the various facets of welding inspection and quality control
  • To assess the validity of a welding procedure
  • To recognize origins of weld defects
  • To interpret features of a fracture surface and prepare detailed reports
  • To scrutinize and correct inspection reports
  • To plan, organize and supervise use of skilled inspectors and NDT personnel
  • To conduct pre-, during and post welding audits
  • To be in a position to pass the relevant examination
Start Date End Date Duration Venue Registration
8th Feb 2024 23rd Feb 2024 14 day(s) Classroom
16th May 2024 31st May 2024 14 day(s) Classroom
7th Aug 2024 23rd Aug 2024 14 day(s) Classroom

Inspectors, technologists, engineers, or experienced welders and welding supervisors who are involved in new welding fabrication, repairs, alteration, or inspection of welded pressure equipment.

  • Certified Welding Inspector (Level 2) for a minimum of 2 years with job responsibilities in the areas listed in 1.2.1, 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 of CSWIP document WI-6-92 OR
  • 5 years' authenticated experience related to the duties and responsibilities listed in Clause 1.2.3, independently verified.
  • Preparatory Training Course will be of 9 days with theory and practical training and the mockup on the last day of training.
  • TWI course (seminar) is of 5 days consisting of 3 days - 8 hours online Theory Training, 1 day practical in the classroom and the last day will be final examination only.