This course that's been specifically designed to help you excel in the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Examination. This comprehensive course aims to:

  • Ensure you understand the API Body of Knowledge and what is required of exam candidates.
  • Teach you how to efficiently reference the API and ASME Codes during the examination.
  • Guide you through all the calculations required during the exam.
  • Prepare you for the Computer Based Examination format of the API ICP.

If you're aiming to become a certified API Pressure Vessel Inspector, this course is tailored to maximize your chances of success.

Start Date End Date Duration Venue Registration
4th Dec 2023 9th Dec 2023 6 day(s) Online + classroom
1st Apr 2024 6th Apr 2024 6 day(s) Online + classroom
5th Aug 2024 10th Aug 2024 6 day(s) Online + classroom

Training course designed specifically for candidates preparing for the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector  Examination. This course is tailored to those who have hands-on inspection experience and are familiar with API and ASME Codes, as these are essential during the supervision of inspection activities.

Our comprehensive program covers all the topics outlined in the API Body of Knowledge, ensuring that you have a well-rounded understanding and are fully prepared for the exam. We believe that a solid foundation in the principles and practices of API and ASME Codes is crucial for success.

The API 510 certification is valid for a three-year term and proudly accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This accreditation signifies that the exam adheres to the highest standards for fairness and integrity, and fulfills the stringent criteria set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024.



The examination will be conducted at Prometric’s computer testing centers. During the open book portion of the exam, you will have access to PDF documents of pertinent codes and standards on your computer, and please note that all materials will be presented in English.

The API 510 exam day is structured to last 7.5 hours, which includes a short tutorial session, followed by 2.75 hours for the closed-book portion. After that, there will be a 45-minute lunch break, and then we will conclude with 3.75 hours for the open-book portion of the exam.

In total, there are 170 questions on the exam. It’s important to be aware that out of these, only 140 questions are scored, and the remaining 30 are pretest questions that are not counted towards your final score. The exam is divided into 110 closed-book questions and 60 open-book questions.