IQS is into training from its very first day of the foundation. About 14000 persons have been trained till date. Every course that IQS conducts has been designed in-house keeping in mind requirements of the customer. Value addition is the theme behind every course. Competent faculties and expert demonstrators are at the frontline of every course.

Courses are conducted at our training halls at three locations at Pune. Training courses at customer's location/premises are common and IQS has conducted many such courses in India and abroad. It's the Quality of training courses that has been the major contributor in our success.

The IQS training facility is having following resources:
  • A state-of-the-art Training Room
  • Library (Books and CDs)
  • Overhead Projector, Digital Camera, Computers, etc
  • Magnetic particle testing equipment
  • Penetrant testing facility
  • Black Light Assembly
  • Ultrasonic Testing Machines
  • Digital Thickness Testing Machines
  • Radiography Film Viewers
  • Reference Radiographs
  • Defective sample pieces for all types of training and Welding samples for demonstration
  • Welding Gauges & other relevant equipment

We, at Insight Quality Services, have taken an initiative in giving you a experience of online exams.  For this, we have developed a software which will simulate the final online examination of API as well as NDE exams. You can now take an online mock-up examination in our classroom almost similar to the final examination of API. For your convenience, and to simulate the conditions as well, we have equipped our classroom with six new computers.

We are really happy to introduce this facility to all of you, and we are proud to announce that we are the first to start this in India! We have provided this facility to all our students from March 2014 onwards, free of charge, without any hike in the course fees. We are on our way to further develop this software to give you the facility and convenience of taking the online mock-up exam from your home!