AWS CWI Seminar & Exam (Mumbai)


Welding is the most important joining process. The integrity of any product depends on the weld quality. Welding inspection is of utmost importance, and a certified welding inspector is the right person to carry out this inspection. Being rightly methodic, the AWS welding inspector program contributes largely in making you a knowledgeable and expert welding inspector. The industry is looking for not just certification, but expertise in your work. This program hones your skills to a degree required by the demanding market, and opens up new avenues for you.

The course is designed to cover all the requirements for becoming a knowledgeable and competent welding.

Start Date End Date Duration Venue Registration
15th Jan 2024 25th Jan 2024 10 day(s) Classroom
4th Mar 2024 13th Mar 2024 10 day(s) Classroom
7th Oct 2024 16th Oct 2024 10 day(s) Classroom

Welding Foremen

Site Inspectors

QA/QC Inspectors

Site Incharge

Engineers and Supervisors

Erection Engineers

Production Engineers

NDT Professionals

Experienced Welders

Construction Engineers



Bachelor or higher degree in welding engineering welding technology - 4 years maximum substitution

Minimum of 1 year welding based work experience

Associate or higher degree in welding or non-welding related engineering technology, engineering, or a physical science - 3 years maximum substitution

Minimum of 2 years welding based work experience

Engineering/Technical courses that can be applied to Bachelor or higher degree in Welding - 2 years maximum substitution

Minimum of 3 years welding based work experience

Trade/Vocational courses - 1 year maximum substitution for successfully completed courses

Minimum of 4 years welding based work experience

High school diploma or approved high school equivalency diploma

Minimum of 5 years welding based work experience

8th grade level of schooling

Minimum of 9 years welding based work experience

Less than 8th grade

Minimum of 12 years welding based work experience

Our preparatory Training course will be of 9 days (Theory + Practical), with the last day for simulating mock-up examination and its discussion only.

Part A : Fundamentals will be covered in 4 days. Here, we will be covering AWS QC1:2016, Duties and Responsibilities, Safety, Metallurgy (Carbon and low-alloy steel), Welding & cutting Processes, Brazing, Soldering, Symbols – Welding and NDE, Documentation, Matric practices, Welding Inspection, Welding Discontinuities, Heat Control & Weld Examination, Visual inspection and other NDE methods, Welding procedure & Performance.

Part B: Practical applications will be covered in 3 days. We will cover Workmanship Requirements and Visual Inspection Acceptance Criteria – Structural Steel, Pipeline, Pressure Piping, Procedure Qualification Requirements, Performance Qualification Requirements. You will be handling, under expert guidance, tools, gauges and instruments from the kits approved by AWS. The specimens / samples / replicas will be those purchased from AWS. You will be learning the inspection methodology and application of the acceptance / rejection criteria on these specimens / samples / replicas.

Part C: The next 2 days will be invested in learning the required codes. This is Part C of the examination. Generally, we cover API 1104 code for Part C (other codes will be covered as per the candidate’s requirement). In API 1104, we will be covering PQR, Materials and Design, Fabrication, Inspection and Qualification. The other codes that will be covered based on requirement, are AWS D1.1 Structural Steel, AWS D1.2 Structural Aluminium, AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding, AWS D15.1 Railroad, AWS D17.1 Aerospace, ASME Pressure Vessel Section VIII, Div. 1 and Section IX, ASME Pressure Piping B31.1 and B31.3, and Pressure Vessel Section IX, AWS Structural Bolting Inspection.

The final examination will be conducted by us for Practical Part (B) Practical after our training. The General Part (A) Fundamentals  & Specific Part (C) Code book Exam will be online (CBT) and  can be taken at any Prometric Centre in India within 60 days of Part ''B'' exam.

The Part (A) & Part (C) examination will be conducted at Prometric’s computer testing centers. During the open book portion of the exam, you will have access to PDF documents of pertinent codes and standards on your computer, and please note that all materials will be presented in English. 

CWI Candidates who take the Part B exam will not receive the Part B Exam score until Part A and Part C Exams are completed. An exam score letter, documenting scores from Part A, Part B, and Part C will be sent via email approximately two (2) weeks following the completion of Part A and Part C.


Number of Question


Min % to pass


Part A - Fundamentals


2 Hrs


Closed Book Online Prometric Exam

Part B – Practical


2 Hrs



Part C – Code Book

50 to 65

2 Hrs


Open Book Online Prometric Exam