Radiographic Testing (RT) Level II (Interpretation)


The course includes review of radiography, techniques, codes,procedures & acceptance standards etc. backed up by extensive interpretation practicals covering IQI sensitivity, contrast, definition, density, artifacts & Evaluation.

Start Date End Date Duration Venue Registration
13th May 2024 18th May 2024 6 day(s) Classroom
8th Jul 2024 13th Jul 2024 6 day(s) Classroom
23rd Sep 2024 28th Sep 2024 6 day(s) Classroom

NDT personnel, Engineers, Surveyors, Inspectors, Quality personnel, Supervisors and Technicians. Ideally suited for personnel involved in Manufacturing and In-Service Inspection of Casting, Welding, Forging, Tubes and Pipes and Wrought Products.

  • Education: Degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Science Graduate
  • Experience: 12 months’ experience in RT (1200 hrs)